The Bursledon Village Band are one of the best Barn Dance & Ceilidh Bands in the UK. Firm favourites as a Folk Dance Band at Folk Festivals, Ceilidh clubs and Barn Dances for over 30 years.


Well what do we sound like? - This is what other people say.

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Their distinctive, bouncy and very rythmic style, which has won them acclaim is instantly recognisable and eminently danceable.
Colin Andrews - What's Afoot

They demonstrate an enviably precise, rhythmic sense and their phrasing and timing is almost metronomic which makes for an invariably controlled dance response. Arrangements are well worked-out, the musicians are all very competent. Jenny Coxon

Fine tunes played in a wonderfully rhythmic style, with rock-solid tempos that defy the feet to keep still.
Pete Harris - Folk On Tap

Quintessentially all that is wonderful about English traditional social dance music; vibrant, contagiously danceable and tuneful.
Lawrence Heath - Folk Roots

Play straightforward English country-dance music, which is infectious and good to dance to.
Ben & Tool of Peeping Tom

Chunky English sound with Tuba & Percussion know you are listening to some first class dance musicians.
Chris Beaumon

So how do they sound? Superb, simply superb.
This is toe-tapping, wants-to-be-danced-to music
Green Man Review - Portland USA

I can assure you that the Bursledon Village Band really is one of the very best country dance bands in the land. I never tire of the jaunty, melodic measures of English bands like the Bursledons. All the members are masters of their craft
Mike Raven

Samples of our Recordings can be found on our Recordings page