The Bursledon Village Band are one of the best Barn Dance & Ceilidh Bands in the UK. Firm favourites as a Folk Dance Band at Folk Festivals, Ceilidh clubs and Barn Dances for over 30 years.


Straight From The Fingers is our latest collection of tunes for dancing. They are mostly English but there's the odd Irish, Scottish and even a French Canadian tune. Recorded by Wild Goose Studios the number is WGS301CD

Straight From The Fingers

Tracks Are :-
1. Pete's Peerie Boat / The Pipers Poodle
2. Walter Bulwers No.3 / Fred Pigeons
3. The Millenium Waltz / The Comet Waltz
4. Some Say The Devil's Dead / Hunting The Hare
5. Galopede / Little polly / Grandfathers
6. Webbs Wonder's Polka
7. Sharon Eubank
8. Walter Bulwers No.1 / The Blue Eyed Stranger
9. The BVB March / The Rochdale Coconut Dance
10. The Kerry Polka
11. Jig By Greenland / Muckin' O' Geordies Byre
12. The Rose Waltz.
13. Reel des Accordeonistes

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Straight From The Fingers
CD - £10 inc delivery

Photographs of us in the studio recording this CD are Here

The South Wind was recorded and produced by Wild Goose Studios in March 1997. The number is WGS283CD.

The South Wind CD

The 14 tracks are:
1. Gneevequilla Polka / Wednesday Night Polka.
2. Burning Bridges / Whose Jig.
3. The Double Quadrille.
4. The French Assembly / The Bursledon Waltz.
5. Roxburgh Castle / The Steamboat.
6. The Primrose Polka.
7. Margarets Waltz.
8. Love In A Village / The Unfortunate Tailor.
9. The Kirkgate / Miss Thompsons Hornpipe.
10.Man In The Moon / The South Wind.
11.Steeple Claydon / Reel de Ti-Jean.
12.Heslyside Reel / Fays Hornpipe.
13.The Swiss Girl / Grahaemsie Jig.
14.I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue.

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The South Wind
CD - £10 inc. delivery

The original cassette tape "The Bursledon Village Band" has now sold out but we have been able to use the original master recording to produce a CD version, which is available from the band..

Bursledon Village Band Tape

Tracks are:
Bourton Six / The Lancashire Tune.
The Nipper / The Old Favourite.
The Nevada / Ranting Ross.
Hunting The Squirrel / Glory Of The North.
Tombigee Waltz / The Arran Boat.
Piss Upon The Grass / Shanes Fancy.
Fells Hornpie / The Dannish Waltz.
Cumberland Reel / St Georges Day.
Bobtailed 'Oss / Whinhams Reel.
Greenholm / Sunday Morning.
MacGillycuddy's / Ballyhoura Mountain.
Shepherds Waltz Alone / Newbridge Street.
Bownhams / Chomping The Barley.
Hot Punch / John Of Paris.
The Sweeps / The Redesdale.
Farewell To Whisky / The Road To Boston

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The Bursledon Village Band
CD - £10 inc. delivery