The Bursledon Village Band are one of the best Barn Dance & Ceilidh Bands in the UK. Firm favourites as a Folk Dance Band at Folk Festivals, Ceilidh clubs and Barn Dances for over 30 years.

Robert Purkiss

Robert is the youngest member of the band, he was born about the same time as we made our first commercial recording.

He plays drums with us but being the talented chap he is, he also plays drums with his school orchestra and he's no slouch on the Continental Button Accordian either and regularly wins Accordian competitions. As if that wasn't enough he also plays Electric Bass and can do quite a bit on the keyboard. I suppose it helps having a music teacher as a father.

The arrival of Robert in the band has really raised our profile with the young ladies and his dashing good looks have attracted many to the stage to ask for his telephone number. While the rest of us look on with envy he shrugs it all off as if it's a real bore, he's still young !!

Robert was introduced to folk dance music at a very early age when his parents danced with The Royal George and Mary Rose Street dancers, he was playing a drum, when they danced out, almost as soon as he could walk.

Being the youngest he gets a fair bit of teasing, which he takes in good part but much to our disappointment he never tells any drummer jokes. Well that is until he read this and now you just can't stop him :- Q:How can you tell if it's a drummer knocking on the door? A: 'cos the knocking speeds up !! etc. etc.

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Robert Purkiss young drummer in The Bursledon Village Band