The Bursledon Village Band are one of the best Barn Dance & Ceilidh Bands in the UK. Firm favourites as a Folk Dance Band at Folk Festivals, Ceilidh clubs and Barn Dances for over 30 years.

Joyce Ingledew

Joyce is one of the founder members of the band. Though a classically trained violinist she was brought up on Scottish country dancing by her Scottish mother and as a result has a great feel for dance music.

She has been the church organist at Bursledon church since she was 17 and as well as playing in the band she has been a member of the City of Southampton Orchestra and also played in a variety of pit orchestras in local theatres.

For many years she led a very successful children's music workshop at the Sidmouth Folk Festival and one of the nicest things to happen recently was to find some of those children performing in public. One or two have even got as far as making a CD.

When she's not playing in the band Joyce is a violin teacher and teaches around 150 children a week. Some of them get very attracted to the music we play and it is not unusual to find one or even more of Joyce's pupils perched on a seat at the back having the time of their lives trying to keep up.

Joyce is responsible for most of the harmony parts in the band and for keeping the rest of us in order!.

She plays a Bridge Electric Fiddle in the band, the same instrument as played by the members of the Riverdance band. This is the best electric violin we've come across and the sound is very clean without being harsh

When not involved with music she is a mum to daughter Sophie and a very very very keen gardener.

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Joyce Ingledew wonderful fiddler in The Bursledon Village Band