The Bursledon Village Band are one of the best Barn Dance & Ceilidh Bands in the UK. Firm favourites as a Folk Dance Band at Folk Festivals, Ceilidh clubs and Barn Dances for over 30 years.

Dave Ingledew

Dave was the founder of the band back in 1976. He thought it might help him to play the melodeon a bit better, we're still waiting for the improvement to take effect!.

Most of the bands repertoire comes from Dave's efforts at music reading, which probably explains why so many people come to the stage and ask what the tune was that we just played.

He does however intentionally compose the odd tune. "The Wednesday Night Polka" is probably the best known (It's recorded on the CD "The South Wind") and was composed as the signature tune for BBC Radio Solent's folk program, Deep South Folk. Lately he's managed a couple of nice Waltzes which appear on the CD "Straight From The Fingers".

Dave is the band leader and we're all supposed to follow him but everybody (except Dave) knows that we all follow Joyce.

Most of Dave's life has been spent with computers both repairing and programming but lately he has started on a new venture, "The Violin Company" and spends as much time as he can get away with in his violin workshop. As he points out, unlike computers violins don't get viruses, which makes them infinitely more attractive.

Dave's other hobby is gliding, which he started over ten years ago and he now flies regularly from Lee on Solent.

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Joyce Ingledew wonderful fiddler in The Bursledon Village Band